Ep.1 Our Mission



You're on the Plants Grow Here podcast. I'm Daniel Fuller. Come along with me as we enter a hidden world of deep horticultural, ecological and landscape gardening knowledge with featured experts, industry professionals, and enthusiasts. This podcast is for planned people within the industry, hobby gardeners and anybody looking to take their horticultural skills to the next level. If you've never heard of horticulture, it's the science of plants in their cultivation. ecology is the science of ecosystems and how organisms interact with each other and the surrounding environment. There's no point in talking about plants at any length without acknowledging that they exist in a water web. Landscape gardening is the art and science of creating and maintaining ornamental and edible gardens. And with a little bit of understanding in these three disciplines, you'll become an unstoppable plant whisperer. My horticultural background has predominantly been in maintenance for the last eight years, most of which time I've spent leading crews here in Melbourne, and in Queensland. My business partner Ben Sims will be working with me in the background, and it's going to pop on to the podcast from time to time as well. He's a native garden and landscaping professional from Perth, who's a successful landscape business owner, and a board member for the landscape Industry Association of Western Australia. All the our together, we've created an open minded platform for industry leaders to teach what they know, we have two missions. The first is to teach our listeners technical knowledge and trade secrets that have traditionally been hoarded by those deep within the industry. Our second mission is to provide support and a platform for people within our beloved horticultural industry who were doing interesting things that we think you should know about. Each episode we'll explain a particular topic relating to the art and science of planned care, or will be a case study on a particular individual group or situation as we slowly initiate you into the secrets of our trade. Some of our guests are going to have opposing opinions and that's something we embrace because we can get some interesting contrast to build a wider understanding. I hope you'll come along for this journey. We're gonna have a lot of fun and experience some serious growth in terms of our skills and understanding and the plans we take care of. Subscribe and follow for weekly episodes to help you make the most of your Lazy Sunday afternoons, your commute to work all the time spent in the work you between jobs.


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