Ep.14 Advice From A Stihl Shop Owner & Mechanic - Dan Flynn

You're on the plants grow here podcast. I'm Daniel Fuller. Come along with me as we enter a hidden world of deep horticultural, ecological and landscape gardening knowledge with featured experts, industry professionals and enthusiasts. The people at your local mall shop are full of wisdom. And today we're lucky enough to have on Dan Flynn, who's a mechanic that specializes in small engines, and is the owner of the steel shop in Redcliffe Western Australia. I'm interested to know what tips he's giving out to professionals and home gardeners alike. Welcome to the show, Dan.
Thanks, Dad.
What's something that you get asked a lot Dan at the shop
is basically just mechanical questions to be honest. Yeah, I lock and floss on specific machines and how to use them. By special specialize a lot in chainsaws, because I do a bit of forwarding myself on the side. So yeah, capital of firewood and stuff. Got a lot of experience in that. My own stuff. Definitely not a gardener.
That's enough.
So you're more of a mechanic than a gardener? Oh, definitely.
Yeah. But inside out. Yeah. I've used a lot of machines. Don't get me wrong. Fix a lot of machines. apes.
Tell me like what are the three or four most common questions that you get asked there? The steel shop,
had a load line and a whip? sibbett? That's not one. Say that six times a day and I'll show someone how to do that.
Is that speed feat? No,
that one is pretty easy. That's usually like First time users. easy job. I'm not a fan of a fake myself. Don't get me wrong, the good hits. I'd prefer the steel ones. To be honest. I'm a fan of the one I fake specifically. Because there's a lot of gardeners out there that don't like it. is one of the easier my armpits. It's a bit more low profile than they still bump at. sticking out the bottom.
Yeah, yeah. So and you liked the fact that it opens out by itself?
Yeah, yeah.
That's funny, because I've tried them before and I hated it.
There's a lot of people that say that. I don't come from say, Have you gone along someone's nice lawn that just bang opens up is not a good idea.
Yeah, exactly. That will ring barking. Yeah,
yeah, exactly. Yeah. But people out in the hills and stuff, push blocks, we have a lot of rocks around. And that sort of stuff is handy because you can keep it off the ground, you have to take part in the rocks. And you know, that's in that sort of respect, it comes in really well. But you just got to expect it. But know when it's going to come out. So think that there is a point of where it will flick out on you.
And that just takes practice. Yeah, it does. That's good to know. Yeah. So I guess when you say that you don't want to be bumping on the ground because there's all the rocks and stuff around this bead vid heads you have bobbing on the ground that extends out the chord, and you end up wearing it down because it's basically like sandpaper.
You don't have to replace that part.
But if you mana manicured lawn, it's not gonna wear it at all. But if you're on in rough terrain or whatever, I'm pretty sure one of those spade feet, spade head to the ballpark on if you hit rock phosphate with damage to the fair bit. It's all personal preference. Fine. Everyone likes different things.
The end of the day. I used to use two knuckleheads and I used to love them. Yeah. What do you think of him?
buffet head
or? No, the middle ones that you'd have to manually do it?
Yeah. I honestly when I first started out, I spent a fair bit that was a in thing at the time with the trail blazers. 3.3 mil on the grind stuff. But after a while, I realized that every time snapped off, you'd have to get the screwdriver and pry the line back out and stop what you're doing. You know, just come in here. Yeah, you'd constantly be if you've gone through thick stuff and alarms breaking. You constantly have to stop but you don't get screw Dog Rat problem on app on eBay. So just not for me. Maybe not for me. Yeah, yeah, we live in we learn. That's it. Understand. But yeah, there's still a staple that used them. So this is one of those things. They've actually had a bit of a problem with them. Basically, the arbour coming out of the gearbox seems to be a little bit longer these days and the 365 On a steel machine, that is a little bit of threads expires. So when you gone along, you're actually wearing the thread out your Java, the steel is actually bought out and you store all of that head. Basically, it's got a bit of a race, so the heart is protected. That's pretty good one, it's a little bit different. Let's say you have four bits, a lot of four bits line coming out, or two bits.
four bits of line coming out like a swing back mower blade basically,
pretty much.
Never seen that before. How does that work when you undoing it,
basically, three phases of law. Same idea is it's not good, good faith thrown through or not at the other end. But basically, this one is two pieces of lawn, basically, two ends with one piece of one coming out on one side, and to end to the other piece of land coming in the other. Right, gotcha. You're doing a fair bit of data, especially using the thick ones. That is a pretty big brush got to tell you what, you know, very popular, the big ones on Oregon. General garden maintenance night, you don't need anything big, you better off having something medium sort of size. When you're doing clearing bush stuff. really thick scrub. That's when you need a bigger machine. I call comb, clearing saucer, metal bites on him and stuff and just drive for hours on it.
build up a nice sweat and build some nice forearms.
Yep. Get a nice coffee harness my
lovely. How do you like the harness d? g, Lucky's not Oh,
personally not? It really depends what you do on my phone, I generally find myself doing slashing social block or whatever. It's more just trim the edges of the lawn. And you don't need a bull bar machine for that. She's a little ring handle machine, which is easy to use it out honestly. But there is some coffee ones out there. pretty supportive of the back and all that, but
very good. Yeah, they are good. If you're doing like a Yeah, like you say like a big open paddock or something like that. You need to brush it down. Absolutely. Right. So what else do you get asked about at the steel shop,
chainsaw shines at a shop and giants. Do you guys have much to do with that?
I don't personally I If it was up to me, you guys would be doing it all the time. But my boss does do it sometimes. And what do you tell him?
Just give me a demonstration. Like the best way to tell him you know, writing a book sometimes isn't the best answer. You know, someone in front of you, shows you basically how to do it gives you a bit of a demonstration. It makes life easier for you to tell you what.
For the average likes, let's say a commercial gardener who you know they're obviously spending money on all sorts of things every week. Do you reckon that it's worth it for them to be sharpening their own chain? Or do you think it's just worth it for them just get you guys to do it for him?
That definitely shocked you I tried my 100% Really? And why do you say that shaper for one I find a machine shop and it's all as good as a fall shop and so you get a grinding machine shop and your chain doesn't last as long doesn't say shop for as long doesn't count as quickly really depends on what you're doing that if you're doing a big landscape and you got to cut the road out you're going to stop your chain really badly fall would be pretty useless in that respect but general just doing a bit of planning and stuff might give you that China to come up with a with a fall over
and when you say you know you're hitting the dirt with the with the tip of the chainsaw that's basically what we're saying is the same thing again where you basically sandpaper and down that chain because it's going so fast.
Absolutely. I'll give you Nathan Chancellor pretty much always will instantly flatten the chain to where depending on what you hit whether it was completely stuffed into Li or a little bit more life left in it. It really depends you can stuff a chainsaw chain in two seconds if you wanted to you know there's got to be careful what you got anything about the grands usually pretty good that's just going to go close to the gram saving party channel size shop right is thought qobuz sand as well so you'll be careful that close to the ground so usually get the old China the sacrificial j one that you've recently stopped and got that one visit. You put a new chain in there might be probably record.
Do people have asked you about safety when they're buying chainsaws or do they just tend to sort of ask more practical questions.
There is a few things you need to know about safety with a chainsaw like a kickback area on the bar. So the top Sonia Tiki Bar, the top area of that is a kickback sign up hit that shines all the sores going to want to think back towards you. Yeah, you just gotta let him know about stuff like that. Where chaps aiprotection cooptation but generally just have the head screwed on that being alert to what's going on around you. He's tripping over something while you're he's in a chainsaw is not a good idea.
And you talked about chaps Can you tell us a little bit more about what that means?
chainsaw chaps so Chev law. Basically what happens if a chainsaw chain hits a chat, it's gonna pull the fibers out of the chaps string and around the sprocket and instantly stop the chain from spinning rather than gone through your legs a stiff legged thing?
Yeah, that's definitely a good thing.
you'd find on my sloppy companies and se chainsaws. It'd be Oh, my Spanner Tory, two way chaps, the general Gago person got cut fall, but we wouldn't.
society, especially if you're out by yourself.
Yeah, absolutely. And saying that. It's got to be today.
And you've also got a break there as well. So you talked about our you might trip over or whatever. There's also a nice little break up their knee, your left wrist if you're right handed. Yeah, he's ready to chain break up there. Yeah. And you can lock that on and off. And that stops it from spinning. Ideally,
you're best off doing a cat rolling your is for 10, the chamber gone. And when you get a cat again, take the shot back off to a CAT scan the habit of doing that. By myself, like years ago, I've actually kind of trade at snap domain and kind of obviously kind of the wrong spot flamed up towards my face. And I stumbled backwards. And there was another log on me. And I tripped back over. Yeah, just stuff like he's got to be aware of your surroundings. And that's where you can really hurt yourself. Yeah. And I think it was but
yeah, we've got a guy who I've worked with before, who sort of has a quite a number of battle scars all over his leg look like big zipper scars, from a chainsaw and rnti. And it'll grab even deeper.
They're pretty nasty, man. I'll tell you what they did yet. But I plan on getting bitten by one but it would be fun to toe. Now the big dangerous one was Chinese we get a lot of people coming in with stretched chainsaw chainsaw. If our cutting a road or something and it just stretched to China, there wasn't any all on the bar or whatever. So come in, I want us to take a link out of the chain. That's it. It's not a good idea for
Emeril because it would snap. Is that right?
Yeah, it tried to wait point. Don't get me wrong, it probably won't happen every time. But you can try to wait point the chain snap and usually the flings straight away from away from you or wrap around your leg. So stay away from that. Yeah, I've just bought a new chamber
shape and they're not that expensive. Are they?
Yeah, it really depends. If you're trying to lose weight. That's true.
But so what else do you get asked?
Why isn't my machine starting? That's a another huge one. Now generally speaking, people flat their machines, it's quite easy to do if you're not experienced with it. I usually just start straight up for my shirts that I've not really put them in. It's out there. Generally if someone brings it to machines and I pass out it gets fun. Nine times out of 10 and how do you flood it for too many times over on show usually basically pulls fuel into the sauna, winning the spot plugging in the white fire back up again to it and find it to the good one. Usually a little trick we do take the choke off hold full throttle, pull it over about 20 times really quickly and then gently get mission guy if it's really bad, you might have tech spark plug up into excuse me will trip back throughout the bush Jones on the fly the machine down it's a lot easier to on and so on that that that may go back to the mall shop.
So keep that in mind.
That's a good one. Yeah, I usually do that. But I think that that's probably just because I don't have another option and not because I've thought it through that hard it's just because you check the check off and just keep going because I know I've already had the drag on.
Let it sit for a little bit. Yeah, usually by the time the people get here starts first of all for like 50 times that I'm swearing a kiss and they gotta bang straight. That's a pretty piece off as you can imagine.
Yep. So you just tell them don't don't put so much choking
That's it. I was I was maybe three. Let's see. Well the machines are got, like auto tune that these days. It's good because you've just got to stop position. Rather than Chug, chug, chug, around fishing, you just hit the stop button the stop. Really events all that flooding, we start falling besotted over shame.
Is there ever anything else wrong with the machines other than flooding,
plenty, plenty block the exhaust valve the huge one we basically were to strike or it's best to get a full synthetic. Now the thing is I don't like to be armed around too much. So it's basically caked on for ribs, I used to go to strike or whatever the manufacturer recommends for a steel machinery 50 to one as a ratio is 20 mils per litre. This basically just always flat out, don't let it all around too much. Check your air filter, what the filter will cause the machine around which as well. And what I say by box exhaust is carbon buildup in the exhaust, obviously doesn't allow any exhaust fumes to come out of a shame. Why run on a very low, low power. So it's gonna be wary of that. Usually it's pretty easy fix. But other people pull machines to play lead out, cabbies off whatnot not to find that the sources have popped up, which is a five minute fix. The first thing we go to is the exhaust.
And so can you tell us how listeners would actually go about checking their own exhaust
really depends on what machine you've got. Say, for a steel, it's usually a 15 mil socket, around the exhaust area where the exhaust comes out or a little mesh strain. You actually say on your exhaust is pulled out Look how long those pliers how you go about cleaning it either a butane torch mad gas, this is like a yellow gas talk yellow follows the gas torch Tater right up yet red hot, put a bit oxygen on it. So either blow on it, like physically low on the when it's red hot, or grab the DA gun out if you've got one hit with that usually play startups. So pretty handy. handy tip back because we get a lot of specially on blowers, whoops zippers, not so much chainsaws, most websites do a fair bit. I think it's really these guys come down to all the Michigan emission controls on these machines. Basically, I've got to get his less emissions out he exhaust as possible. And then just stop burning, the old master thesis is a becoming more and more of a problem. That's just how it is these days not gonna save the environment.
So I guess our listeners might think about checking the air filter first, because that's a pretty easy one, then you might, you know, come back and check the choke and see if that maybe it's time to start pulling that thing a little while. But I think nine out of 10 of our listeners are really going to be heading their machines over to a shop, if it's an exhaust because I don't think many people are going to be able to fix that themselves.
That's fine
boot camp. To start with, you probably won't do any of this stuff yourself. But over time, you'll learn. Don't be too concerned about it. But it all takes time and pick it all up. The idea is at the end of the day that you can fix my stuff and your machines that rely on someone else to do it. It's gonna save you the pain. get the job done quicker pay now to get on the road straightaway. But it is also good to have a spare machine like you mentioned earlier. definitely helps my backup cameras on the shops to fix your machine straightaway. Or sometimes you will get in instantly but not all the time. They've got downtime, I lose money.
Well that's it. I mean, you look if it's just even just, you know, just an el cheapo $100 whatever thing if that's all you can afford the backup at least have that
day. That's it song songs it starts right so there is a good product Yeah, these days still release. moto mix. Have you heard of it before. Basically, it's a fuel that lasts a lot longer than normal petrol to premix Joe stroke, you can buy it in a cannon premix just according to shame, as it is uploaded two years so the last four as we know fuel will probably last between a month and three months before it starts to go off. So if it's something you're not using, often our backup machine you could put that in a rod throat and that way you know when you go to stop that machine it will start there won't be any carburetor issues and whatnot. So Good thing to go for as well. Okay, so
that fuel actually gives less of the carbon buildup.
That so it's very low emission, but it's more the fact that it won't clog your carburetor up from sitting there. Stop, say for instance, until we die, he's very often you put it in that run through. So six months later when you do start machine, you know can add problems, it will start will run from German admittedly,
I can imagine that being very handy.
Yeah. Like anyone that we sell that stuff to, they never come in with problems in regards to that. It's really it's been, it's a bit too expensive to be using as your main fuel. If you're doing a lot of work, like fear Gen Y motor that is the machine once a week for 10 minutes, if you find that for a contractor using it all day, every day, absolutely not too much. And in that case, you'd have to worry about it anyway. Because you're going through the fuel constantly cycling it, you're always getting fresh fuel, you're gonna have to worry about it going off as well. So that is probably the biggest thing is style few raking carburetors, people don't use a whip super over winter, because grasses are growing. Go to Start at the start of summer doesn't stop by bringing Yeah, that's generally what we try and educate everyone on that. But it's not sometimes. No, I
imagine. So I guess I want to know, is it worth it for a contractor? Maybe just to run that through the machines once the tech and to provide any benefit? Like is it gonna clean out the machine or?
No, that's just I would use it as a storage thing. I've got to put a machine aside but use it for a wall route through there is no long term benefit to ditch running a tank through it and then go to normal. It's just a storage thing, this event. This is preventative maintenance really
makes a lot of sense. So are there any other questions that people sort of tend to ask you?
Do you guys have anything to do with like, axes? For instance? Do most of them? Yeah, I
mean, probably not. I mean, where I'm working everywhere I've ever worked probably go for either chains or lapas.
Yeah, that's why I said, x is free. All fat fat and x is a good tool to get out of the ground to be honest with you. Chinese or Thai? Like that's probably my go to tool for that. Show load landscape is attacking roads, I think Yeah, we do a lot of hand tools and stuff is over. Man chances are not
Yeah, I mean, I can definitely see an axe coming handy for that. I usually just use a medic but that's a lot of hard work. I think an axe would probably come in handy. What's a medic? Like pick axe?
Yeah, we've got a bit of leverage to it so you can kind of pry it out but I think if you had an x as well as the medic that would probably be pretty good.
Usually this easy X to travel around is off the main road easier access to the main road. Yeah. So a lot of pulling all those sorts on those words.
What advice do you have about access then
gets updated
same as everything else is on a
very strong flavor by once in a while good you know the debut. waves and shapes are constantly thrown out you might as well just put a boob on the salad and kept it for a while you know nothing lasts forever but if you look out look after you
absolutely yep that's why I definitely like using steel products
that's it but we're still gonna look after so I suppose I just lost a little bit of his last a bit longer than Alan's some other machines when you go golfing Yeah, yeah. Never clean air filter. Never flashed a fuel tank out like a debris out of the fuel tank or never grace Mr. Just wears him out at night. And by the time I bought him in, there's that many things wrong with them. It's soundless offices. It's not worth using. If you do a little, little bit of definitive man, it's like usually it shows you in the owner's manual, what to do and how to do it. I just base itself who say machining along
we try to do all the regular maintenance things but we they definitely get a beating like in the back of the tray. You know, you just pick it up and then you'll definitely drop it on the concrete. And I can't count how many times we've done that to our blowers and they're still fine.
They're pretty sure my Oh, you know, I had a customer that had a backpack law. flew out of the back of his car going down the hallway. wasn't properly it actually wasn't that bad like I just said it's a plastic vise and it was pretty sharp.
Speaking of like the plastic and stuff I got recently a steel backpack sprayer it's got about three times as much plastic in it for the same volume of liquid than the previous one I had it's built like an absolute brick
which was at sg 71 or the old version STK
tickets the newer one at the arm locked up by itself that's all I can really
say actually 22 Yeah, okay. They're pretty good way to refresh surprised by get the one number one rule is just going to clean them out. Okay from client is clean the liquid whatever you've got in there, the pesticides or the bite spray just got to flush him out like a plate so just builds up lovely gunk got a few problems with filter blocking up the handle be nice another little mesh screen and saw the handle basically they that block up and then he just kept talking to me on was was this pump not working you know those building up a lot of patience. You're pretty much forcing the handle and the hat snaps and off where you're going to disclaim that out
again, just read the manual hey,
yeah, that's it. It'll actually tell you the menu clean it out every time you use it.
Yeah, yeah.
Just every now and again would help
and it's not just water you just clean it out with water
days flush it out. I think the biggest problem is like when you got pesticides and nasty stuff in there you don't really want to just tip it Yeah, it's hard to find somewhere to put it you know like it's you can't throw it down the drain but like a good morning so a way to clean it out. Today's starting off on
so what do people usually ask you about lawn mowers
What more should I get? is a big one. It really all boils down to what's the lawn you have your project is how much you're going to be using it real miles versus Rhodri miles where they want to live for lights whatnot factory federal there's so many options but you know I'm sure people are going to not have one then go to ball when you go lease options. Yeah, I personally I'm a big fan of the massport always very good quality know if you've used them before. Yep, love this they're great. Good cut solid catches I tend to last a fair wall Briggs and Stratton bite is a very good source to look after obviously then and there's many different options of ours personally on my own. I've actually got a rotary NSL Anima through a tray on my front loader jobs a lot of leaves and stuff leaves and flowers and whatnot yeah for the real nah doubt with the grandma doesn't tend to pick up the leaves and debris like might look good that looks dirty you know they go over all the rubbish along with but when you go the rotary picks it all up so God honestly I have I will get by with just the Roma is sitting there blowing it off every time is off with jack but
we just rank before Ranko blow before is the secret I think blowing afterwards is the second best option.
Yeah, that's it. Whoops didn't first my afterwards.
Yeah, that's a good one. And what about whips? What do people usually ask you about them other than you know choke and getting started?
while I'm on the head? It's really what the best option is for them like no like someone comes in asking for a machine. The first question you ask is What is your application? What are you doing move it out? How many hours of work are you going to be doing with it? How often are you just gonna go through the motions and say what's best for them their budget was I want to go cheap or Simon it's gonna last a bit longer. Be more powerful San Diego in last year your local battle deal night and usually they'll talk you through it I'm sure.
What about blow is other than the things we've already talked about what are people tend to ask when it comes to blowers,
battery or petrol? Speaking especially more so domestic production, really simply they size I'll go battery over rule for domestic every day of the week. Unless you got a really big error yesterday. Yeah, it's just so I've got a trade I've got I've got big petrol chainsaws I've got Jason we've never paid for one. Everything else is battery just because I don't use it that often. And when I don't want to use it, it starts at rancid ly noise Don't get me wrong there's a lot of rubbish factory machines out there on the market some people have had bad experiences with them I tend to avoid them but there's a lot of good ones out there get it a lot one might as well definitely last year do a good job
so what brains do you recommend
us to shoot for yeah right stills really good my that they've been around for years and years and I've still got some of the original software first come out and it's still working fine batteries and whatnot. But there is much bigger more capacity batteries out there these days but the old ones still work on the machines
just they don't run for as long so you can still keep that one you have existing in the in the work either.
Exactly my got a few commercial guys that have gone battery as well. But there's bigger options backpack batteries. A unique a noise jam night it's the best thing I've ever seen. No noise no fumes on it all day. It's, it's really good.
And how long do you reckon one of those batteries would last? For a commercial operation?
As far as run time or overall
run time if you're on a blog, let's just say you're on just a blog.
That's Yeah, you run time shade at night for the day. Yeah. I lost it there. Well, I'll give you an example where battery hedge trimmer fashional range, HSI 86 with a ap 300 s battery, which is the biggest plug in battery we have at the moment you're looking at 3.7 hours of use on a single charge up to 3.7 as we use but that is a low use of one charge the fast charger charges well well under an hour as well. So you could literally add two batteries fast charger inverter in the car, swap them over and never run out like so. It is a really good system.
Well that's not the problem at all because I'm fueling up at least that every day. Yeah, in fact a lot more often than that.
Yeah, I'm saying like that that is just a heads up it's probably the least power sucking in machine you can get a blow is the worst for this way. That particular battery of blame it's about half an hour on a law so you can pay to 3.7 hours on an instrument so yeah, yeah they use a lot more and I would think that Jesus uses like on and off for the power all the time. It takes more powerful to get going and doesn't cave that's why I say up to
yeah and every time you take your finger off the trigger that's engine off
yeah it's not like a petrol blow that's it's a good thing with the borrower is all because you can actually completely stop there coming out this way visual bar is constantly ticking over Libya. It has its advantages and whatnot. There is the backpack battery man it's a lot more than 30 minutes I can tell you that you can actually go out there to get easily a day's work out of the lock doing flying, ensuring
I have a one single battery Yeah. How heavy is it?
About 10 kgs that's a backpack so tell me back through comfy fell for us it's not just still to do those my house wireless got something similar? Must be noted, though. That To be honest, if it's one of the steel ones very, very good.
Yeah, I mean, it's better to carry a lot of that weight on your back to then you know in a petrol head jar, where it's right there all in all in your hands.
Yeah, that's
because they're gonna be lighter, aren't they?
Yeah, correct. It really depends, right? Like the machines where you plug the battery into? Yeah, they they're quite light machines. Even when you put the battery in a lot of the professional gear where you have the backpack battery, you actually have a cable that plugs into the machine itself. They tend to be a bit more robust so they're actually Locky patriot machines with they've got a battery motor you can automate so that just as solid as the peschel ii petrosoft. really depends make you more so like yeah, fumes noise will have no worry about Pichu the advantages but
it is appealing. I just I would love to make the switch as a garden up but I do worry about just not having the power like with a hedge of for example, like sometimes I just need That grunt oven petrol engine, do you think that we can get any sort of comparison with the lithium
with a hedge trimmer? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.
Really? Yeah.
Absolutely. The biggest problem with the battery stops is pretty expensive to get into it. You know, it's not cheap, or cheap roses, either by the battery, a lot of charge in the middle while the machine itself. And if you're just going for like, say, a hedge trimmer, that combination is just going to be way more expensive than just blowing a picture which you mean on the way. But if you thinking about bond battery charger, then buying a lot of other individual items might be a bit cheaper. That way,
I guess you'd probably have to factor in as well the cost of petrol.
Petrol servicing. Don't get me wrong, we still have to service it every now and again, we'd have to worry about fuel system and all that. Just go to battery mode. So fuel worry about air filters and love the exhaust want any of that sort of stuff. It's almost simple, simplified.
So is there anything else you
want to tell the listeners about support support your local fast or right battles on its spots for locals, usually a family business. They'll still shop last fall short, nicer, sport locals, but it's a good thing.
That's it man. Thanks so much for the episode that was awesome there as well. If you know a professional gardener the bottle of their equipment from a large warehouse style power tool shop, send them this podcast episode and tell them that they're missing out on an opportunity to shop local and to get the best service on their machines. Make sure to check out the links in the shownotes as usual, where I have links to stuff we've talked about in this episode, as well as articles I've written including one titled tools of the trade where I list all the tools I use regularly and keep in the workI I might have to add an axe to the list after Dan made a great case for keeping a good quality one onboard. I'm also pretty sure I'll have to get Eric to buy one for my workI Subscribe and follow for more episodes and share the planet squarehead podcast with your green thumbed friends and family

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