• Watering Indoor & Potted Plants

    Watering Indoor & Potted Plants

    If you take into account over-watering and under-watering, moisture problems are by far the biggest killer of indoor plants worldwide. This is one topic that you can’t afford to overlook if you have potted plants in your house, and this article will give you what you need to tackle this crucial part of indoor plant care. Water is the essence of life on earth;...
  • What Are The Water Needs Of Plants?

    What Are The Water Needs Of Plants?

    Water is a big deal for plants, which require it to perform photosynthesis and to transport sugars and important nutrients throughout the plant. Ever since their ancestors first crawled out of the ocean plants have required water and without it, they are just deadwood. Watering with a hose is one way to do it. Image source Roots draw the water out from below the...
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