• Your Basic Weed Killer Options

    Your Basic Weed Killer Options

    Herbicides are a very polarising topic amongst gardeners: it seems that we either love them unconditionally, or we have built up some sort of nightmarish fantasy There are two types of weed killers: selective herbicides, which target certain types of plants, and non-selective herbicides that kill plants indiscriminately. This doesn’t mean that selective pesticides kill only weeds and leave plants that you want to...
  • What Are Weeds & What Do We Do About Them?

    What Are Weeds & What Do We Do About Them?

    Long have weeds been seen as a degenerative force in the garden. They seem to be the face of the devouring mother nature herself, taking back the land that we borrowed from her. Yes, it seems that we’re doomed to pit ourselves against weeds, perpetually killing them off one by one while their flowers are going to fruit next door and seeds are jumping...
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