Plants Grow Here.

Welcome to Plants Grow Here, an online hub dedicated to providing incredible content to plant-lovers everywhere.

We are interested in diving deeper than your average source of gardening information as we explore the actual science of how plants work, so we can really learn to speak to plants.

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On this website you'll find educational resources in the form of a podcast and blog teaching some of the horticultural fundamentals that all plant enthusiasts should know, but which are rarely discussed on most platforms.

Our podcast utilises the expertise of leaders and teachers in their own plant-related fields, each bringing their own individual perspective.

We intend to provide support for the horticultural and landscaping industries. Please get in touch with us if you want to get involved or have a topic you can teach!

Take responsibility, look after the soil, facilitate biodiversity, plan ahead, embrace nature, and enjoy the journey.

Daniel Fuller

The primary host on the Plants Grow Here Podcast and content writer. Currently based in St. Kilda, Melbourne, he has been working in the horticultural maintenance field for 8 years, leading crews for most of this time. The idea of Plants Grow Here was born from his desire to learn more from people who have specialised knowledge and a passion for what they do.

Ben Sims

Ben Sims is a native plant and landscape expert from Perth, a board member for the Landscape Industry Association of Western Australia (LIAWA), as well as a successful business owner of Ben’s Garden Maintenance & Landscapes. He predominantly works in the background of Plants Grow Here but does pop into the podcast from time to time to share his expertise and knowledge.
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