Plants Grow Here

The Plants Grow Here Podcast.

Featuring experts, industry professionals and enthusiasts in horticulture, landscaping, gardening and ecology.

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Who Are We...

Daniel Fuller

Creative Director

The primary host on the Plants Grow Here Podcast and content writer. Currently based in St. Kilda, Melbourne, he has been working in the horticultural maintenance field for 8 years, leading crews for most of this time.

The idea of Plants Grow Here was born from his desire to learn more from people who have specialised knowledge and a passion for what they do.

Ben Sims

Managing Director

Ben Sims is a native plant and landscape professional from Perth, a board member for the Landscape Industry Association of Western Australia (LIAWA), as well as a successful business owner of Ben’s Garden Maintenance & Landscapes.

He predominantly works in the background of Plants Grow Here but does pop into the podcast from time to time to share his expertise and knowledge.



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